Saint-Gobain Radome Products, Services & Design

Norton® brand Flight Structures offer the best value and performance in our radome structures.  We use materials such as fiberglass, quartz, honeycomb and foam cores, epoxy & cyanate ester resins, and rely on thermoset and thermoplastic processes to achieve the best Flight Structure possible for the given application. We balance that integrity of the materials with the highest standard design criteria, including structural & aerodynamic loads, impact & lightning protection, high transmission performance, as well as ease of maintenance and durability.

Saint-Gobain’s Engineers continually communicate and travel globally to meet with the various organizations within the aircraft industry to develop and support its products. Our diverse group of engineering professionals pursue the most advanced composites in Aerospace. 
We operate an Authorized FAA Radome Repair station where damaged radomes are restored to "like-new" condition by our Norton® radome specialists.  We'll keep you flying.
Saint-Gobain is well known for its engineering of dependable products and manufacturing in composites, thermoforming and foam ducting .  Visit this site for more on Interior Ducting and Components.
Call us at (330) 296-9948 with any questions or requests.  Our industry experts have over 100 years combined experience, and we are committed to produce excellence and customer service.